Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why is the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid Car of the Year?

How can an auto company be congratulated for turning out a pig that gets 20/21 mpg. If it were to get 100 mpg they should give them a national holiday. 20/21 mpg is nothing to get excited about when gas hits $4 a gallon in the near future not to mention the carbon dump. The bottom line is that the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is still going to pump out a lot of carbon in the atmosphere. I should get an award for driving my 2000 bmw 328ci, it gets an amazing 25 mpg. Cmon Detroit you can do better. I'm not impressed. I am still planning on buying a Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid as soon as they are available. That'll get 100mpg. I think that would deserve an award.

I still don't get how the masses of people can still afford to drive their monster SUV automobiles around. It just doesn't make sense.

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