Monday, August 18, 2008

Credit Card Tips

Your credit card company is a predator. They are in business to make money. Make money off your your more specifically. Credit card companies are making billions off of late fees and over the limit fees each year. You wont get any sympathy for a late payment anymore. This is how they make money.

One of the newest tricks the credit card companies are pulling is shortening your billing cycle without telling you. They are going from a 30 day billing cycle to a 20 day billing cycle without notification. Guess why they do this. So they can slap you with a late payment.

Why you don't want to pay over the phone, because they charge you for the privilege. What's worse the late fee or the pay by phone privilege. The credit card company are assholes now. If you are behind and can't make your payments screw them. You can negotiate with them anyway. Your credit score will come back over time.

Credit Card Debt Settlement