Monday, March 24, 2008

George Bush and a National Bake Sale

Instead of mailing everyone a tax rebate, how about the George Bush National bake sale. What's more American than a bake sale. Everyone loves good baked goods. We could all have our own bake sale to make more money to buy flat screen tv's and ipods. The Government would need to design a plan to make sure that we did not all have our bake sale on the same day because if we did there would be no customers to buy our baked goods. A better idea would be for the government to buy all of the excess baked goods. The surplus could be federal expressed to Africa as aid. We could then kill two birds with one stone. We would be providing and injection of capital in our economy and providing charity. We all win and Geroge doesn't have to roll out this ridiculous stimulus package.

Call your congressman about having a national bake sale. What the hell.

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