Monday, March 3, 2008

The Apprentice

I think The Apprentice could be a great personal experience to have should you be lucky enough to be chosen to participate on the show. I think the social destruction that the show has caused will take 400 years to clean up in our society. Donald Trump's demonstration on how to handle yourself in business is insulting. Kill or be killed. Not a great way to go through life. He even said in one episode that life sucks. Sounds like a fun person to be around. I think people watch this show and take this way of being into their own lives. I've run into a few of them out there in business. They leave a huge wake of destruction on their way to the top. The phrase that comes to mind to me is, selling your soul for the world. The problem with that is that once you get there nobody wants to be around you. The ones that are there just want your money. Donald has force but he has no power.

I would rather hang out with Richard Branson or Mark Cuban. They seem like a lot more fun and you might learn to be a human being and not a human dominator.

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