Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Billing Solutions, Inc a scam?

I recently sent a Verification of Deposit to wells fargo from my home office and got a bill from Billing Solutions, INC for over $400. I have my home phone service service with cox communications. I have never heard of this company. Has anyone else out there seen anything like this? Can someone hijack your phone line? I have sent a letter to the attorney general in my state regarding this. $400 for one fax seems excessive. They have two websites one is and It also goes under If you have any insight on this company it would be appreciated.

Thankyou for your input

Consumer Dave


Anonymous said...

Billing Solutions, Inc. is not a scam! Billing Solutions Inc. is the parent company of the web site of Billing Solutions is an authorized vendor for the banking industry’s 900 3rd party verification programs. is used for requestors who do not have the ability to dial 900 numbers as a result of when a local phone provider fails to put the charge(s) diretly on your phone bill. All invoice are in a standard telecommunication bill format specific to the call made to various banks’ 900# verification platform. If you were billed $400 then Billing Solutions would be able to provide you with 20 unique call records to support the billing. If further assistance is needed simply email Billing Solutions, Inc. customer service @ and they will gladly work with you to resolve the issue.

Note: invoices do not include any borrower or requestor information due to the banks’ restrictions. The banks prohibit anyone other than the requestor or borrower from seeing the verification information. Tracking is the responsibility of the requestor. You may contact the bank regarding a verification already sent.

Mace said...

In my experience Billing Solutions was not too glad to try and help me. They were a pain and nasty. I will avoid any 900 numbers and third party billing in the future.

Anonymous said...

My company received a forged check to a company that Business Solutions does business with it's a porn company. I'm having to turn it over to our bank and the authorities for criminal prosecution. They were of little help.