Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Official Review of the Palm Pre

I have been an avid Palm products user for over a decade. I think I have had them all. I was really excited to see the new Palm Pre. Actually from everything I read about it I wanted one. My Palm 680 is ready for retirement.

To be honest I was pleasantly disappointed with it. The keyboard sucks to be straight about it. I do a lot of typing and texting and this thing just wont do. It's too small and the top row doesn't have enough room for your fingers to operate cleanly. I hope they make the next one more keyboard friendly. I really doesn't need to slide out. There is nothing wrong with the design of the 6 and 7 series of the Palm Treo line. That design is just fine.

Consumer Dave Rates The Palm Pre with two thumbs down.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Payless Car Rental Disaster

I recently flew into Phoenix and need a care to rent. I had rented a car online through Orbitz. Everything seemed to be ok until I got to the car rental counter and I was informed that I need my proof of insurance with me. I have rented dozens of cars without needing to provide this documentation. Needless to say I ditched Payless Car Rental and went over to Alamo Car Rental. I ended up getting a better deal at Alamo anyway. I called Payless to make sure that my reservation was cancelled. I did not need to pay for two cars. I look at my confirmation from Payless Car Rental and did not see anywhere on the confirmation that I needed to have my auto insurance policy on me. I called Payless and told them of the error. The dip shit on the phone said that it is on their website. I told him that I didn't rent the car on the website and that they should tell you to bring your documentation with you. He had no comment. I think I was connected to a call center in India.

To Payless: Update how you altert people. You are losing business.