Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cobblestone Auto Spa in Scottsdale puts on the hard sell

The Cobblestone Car Wash in Scottsdale really puts on the hard sell. I recently had my oil changed at the Cobblestone Auto Spa in Scottsdale at the Frank Lloyd Wright and Hayden intersection. After surviving the attack of the service writers who are more like used car salesman, I ended up with an oil change that was over $90. The original special coupon that I brought in was $24.99. What a joke, it is like playing the shell game with those guys. The whole process there is very uncomfortable anyway. You got the windshield guy all over you wanting fix the chips in your winshield and the bozo trying to sell you detailing services. Very annoying, they need to teach these guys how to sell. I don't need the hard sell at the car wash. If I want to be hassled by annoying hard sell telemarketers I would just stay home.

I will never use Cobblestone to have my car washed or my oil changed ever again.

Rip Off Report

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is Credit Collection Services Commercial A Scam?

I just got a collection notice from Credit Collection Services Commerical for an alleged unpaid American Family Insurance Bill. The funny thing is that I changed insurance carriers in July 08 and they are claiming that the charge is for September 08. I even got a check back from American Family because I overpaid. So is this very official letter from Credit Collection Services Commercial for real or is it a scam to get money out of you. The letter has a crappy lettering around the body of the letter.

The people on the phone there weren't very helpful either.

Two Wells Avenue, Dept 7250
Newton, Ma 02459