Tuesday, July 8, 2008

StatClinix billing service is horrible- Statclinix Urgent Care center

I went to a StatClinix urgent care facility a few months ago when I had the flu. I paid the bill in full or at least I thought that I did. I pulled a bill out my mailbox yesterday that said that I owe another $30 for "Urgent care center global". What the hell is that. That also say that this bill is 120 days past due. I have never seen anything from them. I find this very insulting to be honest. I always pay my bills.

I called them yesterday to ask a question about it and I have not heard back from them. All you get when you dial the number for billing questions is an answering machine. I called today as well and got the answering machine. I even tried to get anyone on the line to talk to. I got a message machine that said that the messages were full. Nice service. Medical care and service in this country really suck. I will never use StatClinix again.

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