Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson want to cut off Barack Obama's nuts

Jesse Jackson wants to cut Barack Obama's nuts off. He thinks that Obama is talking down to black people. I know that he apologized, what I can't figure out is why he apologized. That is what he is thinking, why would he want to apologize for what he actually thinks. He is apologizing because he doesn't want to look bad. He already looks bad. He cheated on his wife had a baby and got caught. He says one thing but does another. To me he is an inauthentic self righteous jerk. If I were the media, I would not give him a platform to apologize. It's just a lie anyway. He doesn't really mean it.

The better question for Jesse is what does he really feel about things rather than what his facade says. This guy really turned out to be a piece of shit.

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