Friday, June 13, 2008

Servamatic Solar Hot Water - Solar hot water is the right solution for todays energy challenges

Servamatic Solar Hot Water heaters work great and are much cheaper than their Photo voltaic cousin. With global warming on the minds of more people, we need to look for clean and cheap solutions. Most of a homes energy costs are a result of keeping a tank of hot water around. If you can get the same result from the sun why not. Every new home in Israel is required to have solar hot water. As a result of this, Israel now can boast that 3% of its overall energy use is covered by the sun. It is the highest of any nation. I live in Arizona, it makes sense that every home in the state have a solar hot water heater on it. The sun is one thing that we don't have a shortage of here in this state. (Servamatic Solar Hot Water Heater benefits)

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