Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cox Communications Sucks

I recently got dvr and digital cable from cox communications. I installed it myself I had a problem with the dvr portion as to it would not record. I called for assistance and got someone that could not speak English. She could not figure it out and called a technician in for further assistance. She didn't tell me that there was a charge for this. If she did, I couldn't understand what she was saying. My free installation now became $34. Make sure you find out if there is a fee to have someone come to your home before they come out.

Bottom line as a consumer I don't like surprises. Big corporations are like dumb animals and need to be treated as such. They don't care about you only their profits. Ask a lot of questions before they want to provide additional services.


Anonymous said...

Have you had the video freeze yet?
or had the picture get blocky. Or had the audio repeat it self. I've had all that in the last tree months. And this is just the basic expanded cable. No Box, No DVR. Last year I got rid of their home phone just because I didn't use it anymore. Well several months later my internet stopped working. I called tech service and aft several tests they said it was in the cable modem. So the next day I went to their location to get the one I had replaced thinking it would be free. Well guess what no one bothered to tell me I had to buy a internet only modem because I got rid of the phone. No one when I called to have is disconnected or when I called tech. I about to get rid of the cable now because of the crappy service. $52 a month for poor quality. I'm fine with my internet connection though. It works great and is rare to have a prob.

Anonymous said...

They are HORRIBLE. I bundled my services: Cable TV, Home Phone and

I got a DVR through them so I would be able to record my shows. I set
the DVR to record my shows, it didn't record them 80% of the time, I
would check to see if they were set to record before they came on and
they were set. So, the DVR is crap, I wouldn't recommend getting this

I canceled the TV through them today and I ordered Dish Network which
is saving me $45.00 a month. Dish Network also doesn't have
promotional fees like Cox Cable does. You pay one flat rate.

Also the Phone hooks up through the Internet Modem. They told me that
I would have to pay $50.00 to purchase a new modem through them when
I've only had the other one for a month.

With the Phone Service, I don't like the Voice Mail feature. Lots of
people do but I'm one of the ones that don't. I asked them when I
signed up with them if I could have the Voice Mail feature turned off.
The person who sold it to me said: "Yes." Then 3 days later, I have
voice mail messages. I called up Cox to have them shut off the Voice
Mail and they told me that I had to keep the Voice Mail feature turned
on in order to keep my Long Distance plan. I told the girl I was
speaking to that I was told that I was told that I didn't have to keep
the Voice Mail turned on and she hung up on me!

Customer Service: I give a rating of ZERO.

Cox Cable Sucks Do yourself a favor and get your phone through Embarq,
TV through Dish Network and you can even get your internet through
Embarq and they offer a bundle price that DOESN'T change later down
the line.

Some other company needs to come here that offers really good high
speed internet so that Cox can get out!

I'm in: Las Vegas / NV

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog Dave, and I'm a DISH customer/employee myself. After years of frustration that comes with cable from their high prices to their poor HD choices and bad customer service, I finally switched to DISH a few years back (before I ever worked for the company) and couldn't be happier. I now have access to the most HD in the industry and lowest all-digital prices, nationwide. Their equipment is state of the art and as a HUGE record and watch later kind of guy, I love that Dish offers the largest DVR hard drive in the industry!

Workin' Man said...

I wish everyone having troubles with their cable service could compare prices easliy. Someone should invent a website like they have for insurance that compares prices. I have a great deal with DISH Network, but that's becasue I get free employee service. Seriously though, free HD for life for those that qualify is better than what most other providers are doing.

Anonymous said...

I work for Cox in the Atlanta HQ. I can tell you that this company is truly lost. The biggest problem is our CEO Pat Esser, who took over for Jim Robbins in 2006 (after 20 years of service to Cox). Esser is milking the customer base for cash with no concern for the customers. This is primarily driven by the Cox Family, who is treating the Cox business like the horse and buggy companies treated their business after the introduction of the automobile. Their riding the business right into the ground and laughing all the way to the bank with billions per year.

Anonymous said...

Just cancelled my whole cox service.TV was just alright, DVR would not record all the time, but the kicker was internet. It'd work only 25% of the time. I am in Phoenix, so shouldn't be a problem. Had 7 different techs come out, all blaming my equipment. First it was my computer, I went out and got a new wireless card. Then it was my modem. So I went with their phone/internet modem. Then it was my wireless router (brand new out of the box), then it was where I put themodem (they are the ones who drilled the hole in the wall for it)then it was because I had too many TVs hooked up (four but by this this time the modem was on its very own line) finally got tired, 170 a month for my computer never to work on tbe internet, my Netflix on TV to lose its signal 50% of the time. I switched to Qwest 4 days ago, and though its a slower speed, everything run nicely and have not lost a signal at all...Never again...