Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dumbest Bank In Scottsdale Arizona - Chase Bank

The Chase Branch at Frank LLoyd Wright and 100th street are morons. They closed down my checking account but not all the way that I had requested. I didn't really use the account and it didn't have much money in it anyway. I wrote a $10 check to a friend and they threw in a drawer for god knows how long and decided to cash it months later. This triggered reopening the account in Chase World and overdraft and other junk fees galore. $10 became who knows. I was told that is just how they do it. I would gladly pay the holder of the check $10 but when an account is closed it is closed. I told the bank employee person that I was closing this account and the LLC with it. I did not instruct them to leave it open for the possibility of reopening. I confirmed with another chase branch that they did have the option to permanently close it but didn't. This particular Chase branch did not do this however. When I called back and told them what I discovered they could have cared less. The corporate dance in sued and I told them to have a nice life.

My recommendation is to avoid this Chase Bank branch in Scottsdale at Frank LLoyd Wright and 100th Street. They are liars.

Chase Bank and ATM
14140 N 100th St
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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