Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bank of America closed my business account

Bank of America closed my business account without telling. I had a business account open with bank of america for over 7 years. They decided to just close it without telling me. I had all kinds of auto pays and auto deposits. They told me that they could not re open it with the same account number. About a month later they sent me a statement on my business account. Those stupid assholes. I went to Chase and opened up a new one.

With my personal account B of A keeps charging me a $20 maintenance fee. I have free checking. So every month I have to call and spend 20 minutes to reverse the charge. What the hell is wrong with bank of america. This is the worst fucking excuse for customer service I have ever had with a bank.

Bank of America is the worst bank in America. They are a big dumb animal. This is my opinion. Do not use them.

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